Ladies Night Must-haves To Add To Your Beauty Kit

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Ladies Night Must Haves to add to your Beauty Kit

Ladies Night In is one of the best ways to spend fun quality time with your best buddies. It’s got everything from a fun-filled hangout to a dedicated self-care night! There’s no better way to enjoy the weekend than with your friends, right?

Part of preparing for ladies’ night is your ever-valuable beauty kit. Here are the top five Ladies Night items you shouldn’t forget, whether the party’s happening or not.

Staying pretty doesn’t have to come at a steep price! Cheap but no less comfy, sheet masks are face-shaped cotton sheets soaked in concentrated serums to hydrate the skin. It is also one of the most convenient skincare items today. Perfect to use when you’re hanging out with your girls, you can also keep one in your bag as an emergency beauty treat!

Sheet Masks

Sheet Masks

There’s nothing more fun and fizzy than this! Bath bombs are fragrant, moisturising bath essentials that work just like a seltzer tablet. Because of their unique colours and quirky shapes, these items make for a great Ladies Night treat want a good soak. There’s nothing more relaxing than a bath bomb-infused tub, keeping you nice and calm. 

Crazy lippies bring a certain vibe that’s equal parts shocking and empowering. That’s why lippie parties are a huge thing during Ladies Night! If you have a few unique shades lying around, bring them just in case you want to add an extra layer of glamour to your look. 

We all know painting nails are part of the de facto list of activities in a usual girls’ night. But sometimes, things can get messy. The solution? Acrylics! Fake nails are a good substitute to actual nail polish, but with less mess and with just as many options.

Being beautiful doesn’t have to leave you broke. In the end, it all goes down to feeling your best even in the cloudiest days!

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Fake Nails

Crazy Lippies


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