Find Out Where They’re Coming From — How To Explore Your Partner’s Love Language

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Find Out Where They’re Coming From — How To Explore Your Partner’s Love Language

Every day is an opportunity to show your partner (or yourself) how much you appreciate them, but Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to go the extra mile. This year, the Fun Specialists have made it easy to get something your partner will appreciate, based on their love language! We’ve sorted our adult pleasure goodies including sex toys, massage pamper packs, and more into categories that best fit the 5 Love Languages so that Sexyland can be your one-stop adult shop this Valentine’s Day.

What is a love language?

People experience love in different ways, both when expressing their affection and receiving it from someone else — the way in which you most naturally show others love and the way you most want others to show you love are what’s known as your ‘love languages’. The love language concept was first created in the 1990s by Gary Chapman, Ph.D, who theorised that everyone has a specific love language they prefer for giving and receiving love. There are 5 different love languages, and the ones you enjoy giving don’t necessarily have to match the ones you enjoy receiving. The theory has gained widespread popularity, particularly in the last several years, and has appeared everywhere from talk shows to dating apps.

By learning both your and your partner’s love languages, this leads to deeper understanding of how you both instinctively show each other you care, as well as how you would most like the other person to show this. Knowing this about yourselves can make a relationship more satisfying and strengthen your bond since you have a better idea of what you actually want from each other and how to give it to each other. The giver should attune to the receiver's love language to make the receiver feel loved in the way they will most appreciate.

What are the different love languages?

Physical Touch

Physical touch refers to physical contact between two people to show affection, such as touch, holding hands, cuddling, massage, kissing, and of course, sex. However, this love language transcends purely sexual contact and can be expressed in smaller ways that are just as meaningful, such as a supportive hand squeeze or forehead kiss.

Sexyland’s Valentine’s Day collection aimed at people with Physical Touch as a love language includes a range of sensational items to tease and please your bodies! There’s sumptuous massage oils, finger vibrators, vibrating wands, and strokers galore for you to explore…

Quality Time

Quality time is any time that two people spend together where they really enjoy each other's company. People with this love language enjoy making and attending plans with their significant other, and just generally spending lots of valuable time hanging out with each other, whether it's for a fancy date night or talking on the couch until the sun comes up.

Our Valentine’s collection aimed at people with the Quality Time love language is full of couples’ toys and games to enhance intimate moments together. From Bluetooth vibrators you can wear out in public to sexy adult games to play in bed, there are plenty of ways to show your partner your undivided attention!

Acts of Service

Acts of service are thoughtful gestures that are intended to make someone's day better or easier in a meaningful way. This could be anything from making their tea just how they like it in the morning, to being willing to make a personal sacrifice for your partner. People with this love language see meaning in actions and feel valued when they know their partner is making an effort for their sake.

The Sexyland collection for folks who thrive on the Acts of Service is packed with all sorts of things to help you pamper your partner the way they deserve. Make oral sex an even more tantalising treat than usual with our flavoured oral enhancers, or see what lights the fires of desire in you with our BDSM toys!

Words of Affirmation

Words of affirmation are verbal expressions of affection, validation, or care. People who have this love language usually enjoy receiving sincere compliments and heartfelt praise, as well as hearing people say affectionate and supportive things. This can include ‘I love you’ and all its sweet variations, or even a cute pet name that’s unique to your bond.

Sexyland’s collection for Words of Affirmation-lovers has been combined with the Giving Gifts collection so you can get something you know is going to inspire compliments. From lust-worthy lingerie to Sexyland bestsellers with dozens of glowing reviews, this range has something to make everyone feel special!

Giving Gifts

This love language involves giving your loved one a present that acts as a material representation of your affection and care. Gifts serve to let your partner know you're thinking of them and that you know them well. People with gifts as their love language feel most loved when their partners bring them tangible gifts, especially gifts that are clearly meaningful, personalised, and/or imply that there has been real effort, resources, and time put into the gift.

Want a gift that’s guaranteed to wow? Something from Sexyland’s ever-popular Satisfyer range is sure to hit the spot, like the cult-favourite Satisfyer Pro 2!

When it comes to figuring out a partner’s love language, the easiest way is to just ask them how they want you to express your affection for them. Not sure how to find out what your own love language is? Here’s a quiz to help you find out your love language! You can also pop into a Sexyland adult shop and speak to one of our Fun Specialists. We’ll help you figure out the best sex toys or pleasure products for you and your partner to feel perfect catered to this Valentine’s Day!


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