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Benefits of Sex Toys

Benefits of Using Sex Toys

The use of sex toys is more mainstream than ever before and with this rise in popularity, comes an increase in variety and selection. Approximately half of all men and women have used a vibrator at some point in their lives.

Vibrators are great for improving sexual health and in most cases, improve the overall experience of sexual intimacy. Not only are sex toys used for pleasure seekers, they are now widely used for medical reasons as well. Some of the conditions a sex toy might be useful for medical treatments include, vaginal atrophy in menopausal women, low libido in both men & women or erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men.

Many women find that using a slim vibrator can help loosen the vaginal walls to make it easier for sexual penetration by her partner. In addition to stretching the vaginal tissues, it also helps to lubricate and stimulate the nerves and stimulates blood flow. Of course, there are women who simply cannot engage in penetrative sex and find that sex toys are very beneficial to enjoying sexual intimacy when intercourse is no longer an option.

For this purpose, we recommend the Lush Tulip. It’s slim design and velvety touch provide gentle penetration while delivering powerful vibrations. This vibe is also waterproof which is great for bath-time exploration.

Lush Tulip

Lush Tulip Vibrator

The Svakom Cici Flexible Head Vibrator is also a great choice for slim vibrators. With a more ergonomic shape, you will have the added benefit of flexibility in addition to a slimmer width. Also waterproof, this vibrator can accompany you into the bath which is a great option if you prefer a more naturally lubricated experience.

Svakom Cici Flexible Head Vibrator

Svakom Cici Flexible Head Vibrator

Alternatively, the Inspire Vibrating Dilator 3 Piece Set is specifically designed for women who want to be able to work their way up to a larger size while also strengthening their pelvic floor muscles. These ergonomic dilators help restore and revive vaginal strength while easing discomfort and are a more suitable option for women recovering from surgery.

Inspire Vibrating Dilator 3 Piece Set

Inspire Dilator 3 Piece Set

Men often find themselves facing a diminished sexual functionality and decreased stamina which in turn makes it difficult for both parties to reach sexual gratification. There are now a huge variety of sex toys on the market that are designed specifically to aide men in regaining their sexual libido while improving their overall performance.

Vibrators are no longer just for women as many men are finding they are the ultimate enhancement for sexual pleasure. Aside from the obvious sexual satisfaction they bring, vibrators for men are also great for treating sexual dysfunction. Vibrators are now being specially designed to help men stimulate the sensitive nerve endings that allow him to obtain an erection. The Fun Factory Libra Cobra II is specifically designed to stimulate the most sensitive part of the penis, the head. Because of this vibrator’s unique design, there is no need to move it back and forth by hand… just relax and enjoy. It’s a great tool to prepare you for sex with a partner or to take you all the way to climax.

Cobra Libra Penis Vibrator

Fun Factory Libra Cobra II

Some other reasons that men are now choosing male vibrators include these:

Endless Possibilities:

Using a vibrator gives you an added sensation you simply cannot achieve by simply using your hands. Vibrators can be used to stimulate the head of the penis while massaging other areas of the groin and scrotum simultaneously. Not only can you apply vibrator stimulation to the external areas of the male anatomy, you may also want to try anal stimulation and discover the pleasures of anal play. The Kink Caged 2 Vibrating Cock Cage & Plug will give you the best of all worlds. Not only will it provide vibrating stimulation to the shaft with a bullet at the top to please your partner, it also features an attached anal plug for backdoor fun and a built-in ball strap.

Kink Caged 2 Vibrating Cock Cage & Plug

Kink Caged 2 Vibrating Cock Cage & Plug

Prostate stimulation is said to produce an incredibly explosive orgasm. When choosing your anal toys, be sure to select one with a flared base so that the toy is not sucked up into the rectum. If you’re looking for something simple and effective, the Dr. Joel Kaplan Prostate Probe is a good choice in that it is ergonomically curved to enhance prostate stimulation but also has a flared base to hold it firmly in place. Using sex toys enables you to discover multiple pleasure points you might not have been aware of before.

Dr. Joel Kaplan Prostate Probe

Dr. Joel Kaplan Prostate Probe

Stronger & Longer Erections:

Wearable male vibrators are incredibly beneficial to men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. By using a toy that sits just under the shaft, you will be able to better stimulate blood flow to the penis which will in turn help you reach arousal faster. Blood flow is essential for a strong erection. Viagra is often used to stimulate blood flow, but you can achieve similar results just by using a vibrator that is designed to stimulate the right parts of the penis. Some male vibrators, such as the Optimale Vibrating Cock Cage are great choices for couples as it stimulates both partners simultaneously. In addition to the obvious benefits, this toy also comes with a wireless remote which takes the level of control to a whole new level of pleasure!

Optimale Vibrating Cock Cage

Optimale Vibrating Cock Cage

Here are some other reasons women choose to use vibrators & reasons some women might not even think of:

Achieving Powerful Orgasms:

Simply put, achieving an orgasm with a sex toy is often just easier and better. Not only are the vibrations absolutely exhilarating, you can hit all the spots your partner might not be able to reach and repeatedly with the right pressure and vibrations. Sometimes just getting the timing right does the trick. Sure, we enjoy the in and out sensations of sexual intercourse, but sometimes... we just need that in to stop and stay a minute... and really resonate within. Only we know when that moment is right so it's easier to don the toy and make the magic happen.

Vibrators are Efficient:

There's very little effort required. Sometimes just the vibrations alone affect a woman's sensory input in just the right way to achieve not only a great orgasm but that complete level of satisfaction many women crave.

So Many Options Available:

Vibrators come in different varieties that achieve different kinds of orgasms. Because women are fortunate enough to experience different types of orgasms, we often need different types of stimulation to reach those points. While some vibrators are masterful in that they cover nearly all bases, sometimes, it's just nice to have a toy that is specifically designed to target that one particular sweet spot. These toys are also often the easiest to use with our partners so there's room for another player to engage in the fun. Some of the types of vibrators women love are those that target the clitoral, G-spot and anal.

Great for Kegel Exercises:

Another benefit for women is the sex toys that are designed to help strengthen her pelvic floor muscles by improving the tone and elasticity of her vaginal walls. With age and childbirth, many women experience a change in muscle tone in the pelvic floor. By using sex toys that require her to clench and release those muscles, she helps to strengthen and tone them which ultimately leads to better and more pleasurable sex. The Strawberry Kegel Training Kit is specifically designed to revitalise and strengthen her pelvic floor muscles using 6 gradually weighted exercises to gently increase both intensity and pleasure.

Strawberry Kegel Training Kit

Strawberry Kegel Training Kit

Benefits to both men and women include:

Mental Health:

A healthy sexual wellness has long been associated with better mental health overall in both men and women. Sex is more than just a physical sensation. It affects every part of your being, including your emotional and psychological well-being. Sex isn't just happening to your sexual organs. It's happening to every part of you, including your brain. For people who are experiencing trouble achieving sexual satisfaction turning to sex toys is often the best option.

Fun for Couples:

You can buy toys that provide the right combination of stimulation for both parties so that you can both enjoy the stimulating vibrations simultaneously during intercourse or through other sex play activities. Your imagination is the limit to the amount of fun you can experience with using sex toys. Sometimes, just the thrill of having your partner using a foreign object on your body in a sensual manner is so incredibly overpowering that you can reach new levels of orgasmic bliss. The anticipation alone, wondering what your partner will try next can be a very serious turn on and can build up the sensual experience to a level that can be quite explosive. Of course, you also have the option of vibrators that can be worn during sex by one partner that give simultaneous stimulation to both partners. The We-Vibe Match Couples Vibrator is a popular choice for many couples as it provides dual stimulation and shared pleasure during sex with deep, powerful vibrations. With its wireless remote control, you’ll have effortless control so nothing interferes in the moment of passion.

We-Vibe Match Couples Vibrator

We-Vibe Match Couples Vibrator

Hands-free Orgasms:

Who doesn't want to have a sensational climax without having to work hard to achieve it? Sex toys are now becoming more ergonomic and designed to fit just right so that it reaches all of the sensitive sweet spots.

Better Sleep & Overall Performance:

Using sex toys for sexual enhancement and gratification often helps to improve our sleep. Let's face it. After a good orgasm, most of us either feel rejuvenated or ready to relax and get some rest. Just hearing the buzzing sensation of a vibrator before bedtime can be pretty relaxing. But sometimes it's that relaxing sensation afterwards that gives our bodies that momentary pause we sometimes need to get through the rest of our day. Either way you look at it, those orgasms are going to make you feel better.


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