4 Subtle Ways For Busy Mums To Embrace & Enjoy Their Sexuality In Public

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4 Subtle Ways For Busy Mums To Embrace & Enjoy Their Sexuality In Public

Life’s always been busy, but it seems like your already-limited free time just plummets once there are kids in the picture. Between juggling family responsibilities, housework, a career, and everything else that life throws at you, it can feel like you just don’t have the time (or the privacy) to, shall we say...get in touch with yourself.

If living your life on the go is eating into your sexy time, why not just bring sexy time on the go with you? Here are the Sexyland Fun Specialists’ favourite ways to be a sexually empowered goddess without giving the game away!

Enjoy what’s hidden under the surface

Is there anything as thrilling as the feeling of harbouring a sexy secret? What about one that goes with you from the moment you wake up to the second you strip it all off at night? That’s right, we’re talking underwear! Good undergarments should make you feel as supported as they do sexy, so if barely-there designs aren’t your thing, no problem. Lingerie has come a long way in terms of offering plenty of styles that are every bit as comfortable as they are seductive. We especially love satiny materials that feel oh-so-soft against the skin and swirling lace patterns that treat any lucky onlookers’ eyes to a visual feast. 

Underwear is always easy to hide under your everyday clothing, but if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, why not let your lingerie peek out from under your outfit? The most common example gracing our Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards is strappy bralettes peeking out from under a low cut shirt, but don’t forget about silky thigh-high stockings with lace tops, or the very tips of the garters that are holding them up. There are also so many badass ways to show off your bra, and considering how hot some of the styles are these days, it’d be a shame not to flaunt them. You can even take things a step further and wear your lingerie as outerwear like an off-duty Victoria’s Secret model if you’re really feeling yourself! Check out our sexy range of women’s lingerie and get inspired for your next lust-worthy look...

Or, you can head in the total opposite direction and ditch the underwear altogether! The thrill of even the slightest breeze ruffling your skirt is enough to send invigorating chills all up and down your spine...and other areas of your body. We know that not wearing underwear gets a negative rap, but going commando might actually be benefiting your health, and damn, Sharon Stone really did rock it in Basic Instinct.

Discreetly indulge your deepest desires in your daily routine

Not all toys go buzz in the night, so it’s totally possible to wear them in public with everyone else being none the wiser. Non-vibrating anal plugs and Ben Wa balls are a fantastic way to provide constant pressure inside yourself and stimulate your most sensitive sweet spots while you walk around, grab groceries, and perform your daily tasks. In the case of kegel toys, you can even squeeze (and then unsqueeze) a workout into your hectic schedule and multitask like a boss! Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles is easy and fun with kegel exercises, and also comes with a myriad of health benefits that can improve your sexual health and satisfaction. These include more intense orgasms more often (yes, please!), a speedier recovery after childbirth or surgery, and reduced risk of urinary incontinence, which can be especially impacted after giving birth to your children.

Why not forget about deadlifts at the gym for a while and pick up a new weight with a new muscle? Pelvic weights are discreet and can offer delicious internal stimulation, even without vibration. You’re sure to find your new favourite piece of exercise equipment in the Sexyland collection of kegel toys! We’re always running promotions and sales online and in-store, so check us out or sign up for our email list so you can enjoy all the health benefits for less!

Put your poker face to the test with some discreet adult toys

If you’re in the mood to bring out the big (but quiet) guns, the sheer volume of whisper-quiet adult toys on the market is sure to impress! If you’ve managed to secure a babysitter for the night or your kids are old enough to take care of themselves at home, why not spice up date night with a fun little toy? Clue your lucky lover in on the game with something that’s remote controlled or app-compatible and let them take charge of your pleasure from a distance. Dinner out is sure to be an extra spicy affair under the table when you’re barely able to keep still in your seat. Just try not to get the other diners too curious about what it is you’re having, a la When Harry Met Sally!

Get double bang for your buck and combine this tip with another one of ours with the My Secret Screaming O® Remote Control Panty Vibe! This sexy pair of vibrating panties features a secret internal pocket in the gusset that you can slip the included bullet vibrator into for deliciously discreet stimulation. It also comes with a convenient remote control, cleverly disguised as a ring that you or your partner can wear on a finger and subtly tweak to adjust the vibration setting. It’s the perfect way to turn any innocent stroll down the street into a rendezvous that’s far raunchier than meets the eye...

Learn to flirt with a lighter touch

Of course, as a parent, it’s not always realistic to expect alone time. If the kids are around when you and your partner are in the mood to ~get in the mood~, there’s no reason you can’t still flirt and get a little somethin’ brewing, as long as you can keep it on the down low. If the children are still young enough that innuendo goes right over their heads, then flirt away! Kids that are older might require a little more subtlety to sneak your affection under the radar, but as long as you play it cool, they’ll never need to know. Why not try getting closer than necessary while the two of you are clearing the table after dinner, or snuggling up extra cozily under a blanket on the couch while the family watches a movie together? If your kids are on high alert, don’t fret — it won’t be long before family time is over for the day and the house quietens down once the kids have been put to bed. After that, the adults can come out to play...


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