3 Must-Try Techniques to Make Mutual Masturbation Hot AF

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3 Must-Try Techniques to Make Mutual Masturbation Hot AF

It's a pretty common attitude in society to dismiss mutual masturbation as a valid pleasure option in the bedroom, as many see masturbation as something you only do on your own. Masturbation is often associated with single people, couples who just aren't physically together in that moment, or an otherwise unfulfilling sex life.

Of course, this isn't the case! While some couples may love jumping straight into the action of sex, plenty of others enjoy taking the scenic route, or even making mutual masturbation the destination! After all, Masturbation May is a month for all people to celebrate their right to self-pleasure, whether they're riding the O-train solo or taking it together. Mutual masturbation can be just as much fun as having sex, and as we learned earlier this month, masturbation is good for you for reasons that go beyond fun between the sheets anyway — now that sounds like a win-win situation to us!

Masturbating together invites your lover into your private world of your body’s personal pleasure processes and adds a whole new dimension of trust and intimacy to your sex life. In addition to being treated to one of the hottest private shows of your life, you’re both also bound to learn so much about how you each like to be touched and played with to reach the big O. You can play with yourselves while you watch each other, or you can give your partner a sensual rubdown neither of you will forget! You know what they say, the more the merrier... 

Get in touch with each other, even when you’re apart

Just because you’re not with each other physically doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun together! Phone sex is a classic way to stay connected while you’re away from each other, and with new technologies like video calls, erotic content subscription services, and Bluetooth-enabled toys, there are plenty of ways to make phone sex hot.

Set the mood for yourself by giving your area a sensual ambience before getting comfy for the night — we’re talking scented candles, mood lighting, the works! Call up your boo and swap some sexy phrases back and forth, like how much you wish you were there with them and what you would like to be doing together. If you’re comfortable, describe what you’re doing to yourself and how good it feels, or just keep listening to the moans and groans. If you wanna spice things up, grab something sexy out of your adult toy box! Even better if it’s something that can be controlled over long distances, like the ever-popular We-Vibe® Sync™!

This wearable couples vibrator is best suited to couples with at least one vulva and is app-compatible so your partner can control it from anywhere in the world, or you can control it yourself for hands-free fun. There are 10 vibration modes built-in, but you can design your own custom programs through the app for the ultimate versatility in your pleasure!

Facetime without the phone

If you’re lucky enough to be in the presence of your lover, ditch the screens and spend some quality time face-to-face, if you know what we mean. Masturbating while facing each other is extremely intimate, and a fantastic way to learn more about how your partner likes to be touched and played with. Your eyes can roam over their body, watch how they move their hands over themselves, or you can look into each other’s eyes for an unrivalled level of profound intimacy.

If you’re nervous about gazing intently at each other but still want that extra cozy feeling, close your eyes and start making out. Take note of subtle changes in the way they kiss and you’ll be able to feel how much your partner is enjoying themselves, even without visuals – the pace of their breath might speed up or come out in short gasps, they might become more nibbly as the intensity ramps up, and of course, if they get to the finish line, you’ll get a front row seat to see their O-face!

Dip your toe into the world of fetish fun

Feeling extra adventurous? Whether you’re an erotic expert or a blushing beginner, why not try incorporating some cheeky BDSM play into your mutual masturbation? If you want to start with baby steps, try some light sensory deprivation with a blindfold while getting your partner off to keep the element of surprise on your side. Alternatively, you can turn up the stimulation with some erotic sensation play! From gentle feather ticklers to ice cubes, there are lots of sensation play products you can run over each other’s erogenous zones to send shivers up and down your spine, in more ways than one...

If you’re both willing to give it a go, you can try restraining your partner’s hands above their head, behind their back, or to something sturdy like bedposts while you pleasure them. There are lots of rope bondage positions for newbies and experts alike, and the exquisite mental pull of the Domination/submission dynamic is uniquely alluring.

Mutual masturbation has just as much of a place in the bedroom as other sexual activities, and if Masturbation May isn’t the time to enjoy it, when is?


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