Next Stop: Toe-Curling Euphoria! 20 Tips For Explosive Valentine's Day Sex

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Next Stop: Toe-Curling Euphoria! 20 Tips For Explosive Valentine's Day Sex

There’s nothing like the most romantic time of the year to get you in the mood for passionate Valentine’s Day sex! Whether you’re shopping for toys specifically or just feel like getting inspired, Sexyland’s 20 tips for a happy Valentine’s Day in the bedroom (or out of it) are sure to make the occasion one to remember.

1. Start with a sensual massage

Who doesn’t love having the oh-so-relaxing sensation of having their tension kneaded out of their tired muscles? Book yourself a couples massage at a professional parlour, or treat each other to a full-body bliss experience at home with some erotic massage oils and lotions from our adult store! Sexyland loves the JO All-In-One Massage Kit for a fuss-free experience and quick starts, whether you’re a massage master or novice.

2. Dress the part with some sexy lingerie

Whether it’s for your lover or for yourself, lingerie that makes you feel like your most confident self is sure to make all the lucky onlookers happy this Valentine’s Day! Best of all, with Sexyland’s 20% discount on all women’s lingerie at our adult stores and online shop, you’re sure to find a seductive look you’ll love for your body type.

3. Keep your socks on during sex (seriously)

Did you know that wearing socks during sex this Valentine’s Day might actually help you have better orgasms? Science seems to think that warm feet can help bring on the level of relaxation required to cross the finish line, especially for women. Socks also increase blood circulation, which can coincide with increased orgasm intensity for both men and women, so don’t fret if you haven’t had time for a pre-Valentine’s mani-pedi! For a sexier aesthetic, a pair of thigh-high stockings can keep the va-va-voom factor without sacrificing your comfort. Oh, and did we mention that the 20% discount on lingerie applies when you shop Sexyland’s stockings and hosiery collections too? 😏

4. Have sex before eating

Is there anything worse than feeling bloated while you’re trying to enjoy a romp in the sheets, or not being able to perform because you had a bit too much booze with your food? Consider having your dessert before your dinner, so to speak, and enjoy your Valentine’s meal while basking in that post-sex afterglow…

5. Spice things up with roleplay

Getting out of your routine with a little make-believe magic can open the doors to all sorts of fun antics you might never have discovered your love for! Go all-out with a name change, a different accent and a costume (with a tasty 20% discount too) to really sell the scenario.

6. Put on some sexy music

Queueing up some sultry bedroom jams is an easy way to set the mood this Valentine’s Day, and pre-made sexy playlists are a dime a dozen on the Internet. Alternatively, if you really want to vibe to the beat of your fave songs, it’s easy to build your own playlist on your preferred music platform to set the tone you want.

7. Put on a show for each other first

Tease your lover by making them keep their hands to themselves for just a little longer while you dance seductively, or even touch yourself in front of them and see how long they can resist devouring the visual feast before them…

8. Build up anticipation by sexting all day

Get their mind and heart racing with a flirty message about how much you’re looking forward to seeing them, or drop hints about the activities and surprises you have planned, with or without a saucy photo attached.

9. Turn up the heat or chill out with temperature play

Kick things up a notch with some thrilling new sensations, like dragging a wet ice cube along your body or your partner’s or trying out wax play! There are also temperature play toys like warming vibrators, or metal plugs you can chill in the fridge for a few minutes before jumping into the action. And speaking of toys…

10. Try out a new toy together

It’s always fun to unwrap a shiny new toy, but sharing is caring so why not unwrap one together? Sexyland’s online and physical stores are full of adult toys for couples of all pairings to have a happy Valentine’s Day, from wearable stimulators to double-ended dildos to strap-on harnesses! Some of them are even discreet enough to wear beyond the bedroom, which leads us to…

11. Test out your poker faces in public

If the idea of secretly pleasuring yourself or a partner in public turns you on, look no further than the whisper-quiet and wearable toys for sale this Valentine’s Day at Sexyland! They come with discreet remote controls and can also be app-compatible for subtle setting adjustments under the dinner table. Cult-favourites like the insertable We-Vibe® Chorus™ are great for G-spot and clitoral stimulation while panty vibrators such as the Lovense Ferri fit into or onto your underwear and for awesome external vibrations. There are also vibrating panties and boxer briefs to suit your style preferences too!

12. Love each other long-distance

Can’t be together in person this Valentine’s Day? App-compatible sex toys are great for long-distance play, whether you’re on opposite sides of the world or opposite sides of town. Lovense is one of the biggest names in app-controlled adult toys you can shop at Sexyland and they’ve arrived just in time for Valentine’s Day! The new Lovense Quake stimulates her G-spot and clitoris while the Lovense Gush and Lovense Calor are soft, flexible masturbators for him so everyone can join in the fun.

13. Get wet and wild

Having sex in the shower is a totally different experience from having sex in a bed or on a couch, so if you’re in the mood for an erotic encounter that’s especially hot and steamy, step under the stream together! Grab a silicone-based lubricant that’ll stay nice and slippery under the water so you can go at it until the water runs cold.

14. Live out a fantasy together

If you know some of your lover’s secret desires, spoil them this February 14th by bringing one of their sexual fantasies to life! Alternatively, if you both have yet to discover each other’s hidden wants, spend some time this V-day discussing them with each other so you’ve got some inspiration for the next time you’re feeling generous.

15. Sample some new flavours

You’re already a snack (duh), but you could easily be the whole meal by garnishing yourself with some tantalising treats. Ditch the cliché box of chocolates and try some erotically shaped candy, or drizzle a flavoured lubricant over yourself for deliciously different oral fun!

16. Play a sexy game for couples

Spend some quality time in the leadup to a happy ending this Valentine’s Day with an erotic adult game! Throw some dice, answer questions, and discover new things about your lover, all while having light-hearted fun and a laugh.

17. Indulge your wild side with BDSM

BDSM covers a lot of toy categories and power dynamics, so there’s sure to be something within this versatile style of sex and love for everyone. There are all sorts of toys to suit your personal styles and preferences, so check out Sexyland’s guide for the best BDSM adult toys no matter what your fetish fantasies may be!

18. Experiment with a new sex position

There’s something oh-so-thrilling about the prospect of a new position, a new view, and new sensations, so why not try out a saucy new position this Valentine’s Day? Our Sex Position of the Week blog is chock-full of ideas for new ways to please yourself and your lover, or even lovers if you’re lucky enough to be spending Feb 14th making multiple Valentines happy!

19. Tell each other exactly what you want & love

Hearing your playmate describe what they’re about to do to you or what they love about you is a total turn-on for many people, but it doesn’t have to be dirty talk if that’s not your thing. Ease into things by complimenting how what your partner is wearing accentuates their body, or talk about how good they make you feel both in and out of the bedroom. The kind words are sure to make your Valentine happy as you verbally express your love for them, and it might just lead to a physical expression of that love!

20. Pick up an all-in-one kit

If you like to keep things simple, or if you’ve just forgotten to grab your goodies for the night (no judgement, we’ve all been there), an all-inclusive kit of sex toys is perfect for fuss-free Valentine’s sex! Our customers are especially loving the Switch Pleasure Kits for their great value and endless versatility!

If you can’t do your shopping at a Sexyland store in person and need your adult toys fast for Valentine’s Day, shop our 2hr Delivery collection to be sure your goodies get to the door in time for the occasion!


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