Women in South Australia Not Shy to Buy

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Women in South Australia Not Shy to Buy

‘Instigators of pleasure’: Adult store retail figures show South Australian women not shy to buy

Women in South Australia are proving more courageous than men when it comes to buying items from adult retailers.

Figures from Australia’s most iconic adult retailer, Sexyland, show while more men are looking through the company’s stock, women are most likely to follow through and buy. 

In South Australia, where Sexyland recently launched its two-hour Quickie delivery service and is preparing to open two adult megastores, women account for the lion’s share of sales.

Rebecca Grech, the national sales manager for Sexyland, said the trends coming out of South Australia since the company’s launch in July were really encouraging.

“Females are always a major consideration for any service we provide, and our expansion into South Australia has been driven by that,” Grech said. “But all people, of all sexual preferences, and all nationalities, should feel no shame in seeking pleasure.” 

“Women have become the biggest drivers of the global adult industry. As they should; women demand well researched, quality products and services. Sexyland simply responded to their expectation.”

Promoting women’s sexual health, freedom to express sexuality, and improving social acceptance of sex related products has been a fundamental priority of Sexyland throughout its more than two decades of operation.

“21 years ago women were still sending in their significant male partner to assess and purchase the best product to meet their pleasure needs, which is so sad,” Grech said.

“Today, thank goodness, younger women are able to express themselves a lot earlier and push though the judgement to choose exactly what they want, either for themselves, or for their partner or partners.”

Female specific products account for over 75 per cent of all Sexyland stock on hand. The company’s workforce is over 98 per cent female, and it continues to invest in training programs to ensure those staff are equipped with the knowledge to assist female concerns.

“Women are now the instigators of pleasure,” Grech said. “The largest adult toy manufacturing companies are now investing in beautifully engineered, high-quality and app-controlled smart products that solely appeal to the female market. 

“That tells you where the industry is headed and how things have changed.”


Female share of National customer visits 

Female share of National transactions



Female share of SA customer visits 

Female share of SA transactions 



*All figures for full month August 2021


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