Add a touch of flavour to your oral sex play with one of our delicious Flavoured Personal Lubricants! Not only do flavoured lubricant make oral sex a tasty experience, it also helps give you or your partner the confidence to open up to sexual experiences you might not have felt comfortable with doing before. Not only that, they help enhance your sexual experience and add a bit of lubrication to the fun!

Not everyone's sensory experiences are going to be the same. While the scent and taste may not be an issue for some people, a yummy sex lubricant can help the other partner feel more relaxed and less self conscious.

Flavours enhance the sensory experience and help make the act of oral sex more pleasurable for both partners. Many people cite the taste and smell of of oral sex as being the number one deterrent but add a bit of scented flavour and it changes the dynamics of everything. Not only will it make overcoming those aversions easier, you may actually find yourself going for another taste. Go ahead, your partner won't mind.

Flavoured Personal Lubricants not only taste good, they also smell good. Because sex is a multi sensory experience, many couples find that turning each other into a delicious treat enhances the experience and increases their sexual arousal.

Many couples like to add foods into their sex play but that isn't always a safe option and can cause irritation and other issues. Using a flavoured lubricant has the added benefit of being both yummy and pleasant smelling while also providing all the same benefits of regular lubricant.

Flavoured Personal Lubricants are essential for women who frequently experience dryness and for individuals who like to engage in anal play as well as many other sexual activities. As women age, their body produces less natural lubricant which can make sex less pleasant. A good lubricant helps reduce friction and makes the act of sexual intercourse so much more exciting. So don't forget to lubricant up and enjoy the ride!

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JO H2O - Peachy Lips Flavoured Lubricant
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JO H2O - Cool Mint Flavoured Lubricant
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Showing: 1 - 40 of 61

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