The Winter T

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A steaming hot cuppa isn't the only kind of tea that can keep you warm this winter! Sexyland Sex Position of the Week The Winter TThis week in our coldproof sex positions, we're switching up our angles a bit for something new...

How to perform The Winter T sex position

The receiving partner lies on their back and pulls their legs up to their chest to give their partner better access. The penetrating partner lies at a 90° angle, perpendicular to their lover like an upside-down letter T and enters, then the receiver lays their legs down to cover their partner's hips. The crossed over limbs help to keep you both just that little bit warmer while the action heats up!

Due to the angles involved in this position, it's best suited to pairings where the receiving partner has a vagina, but some pillows under their back can help to elevate them enough to make anal sex more feasible. Either way, the receiver can slide their legs up or down over their partner from calf to inner knee to help them move more freely!

The Sexyland Fun Specialists' top toy pick for this position is a wearable vibrator for a bit of extra attention on the clitoris for dual blended pleasure. Our customers are loving The Couples Rabbit by The Rabbit Company, which delivers 6 scintillating vibration modes to her clitoris and G-spot while still leaving room for a penetrating partner!


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