The Top Knot

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Whatever your anatomy and preferences, sexual positions can be versatile enough to suit anyone!Sex Position of the week The Top Knot

Physical passion and intimacy is for everyone to enjoy, regardless of societal notions of gender and power dynamics in the bedroom.

This week, we're taking a look at the Top Knot, which does away with the top and bottom expectations in the traditional missionary setup by swapping places and breaking all the rules...

How to perform the Top Knot sex position

One lover lies on top of the other with their legs wedged between their partner’s, who can then bring their knees up and wrap their legs around the partner on top if they like. Depending on anatomy, toys, and personal preference, you can choose whether penetration is involved in this position at all – if yes, then the person on top is the receiver while the partner on the bottom penetrates, either with their body or a strap-on. Then the person on top just starts gliding and pumping away as they please. Simple, yet super empowering!

Why we love the Top Knot as a gender-fluid sex position

This position can provide both internal and external stimulation depending on your penetration preferences, and it's an intimate way to get your genitals acquainted without subscribing to traditional sex-pectations. It can be incredibly liberating and hot to explore new sexual scenarios, reimagining how sex can look and feel to find what suits you best as a person, not as a member of whatever gender role society wants to assign you into.

Of course, you can always use some fun adult toys from Sexyland to mix up the Top Knot!

For penetration options, we stock a variety of strap-on toys to suit all users, from standard single-ended designs to double-ended ones with differently or evenly sized ends. They can be solid or hollow to suit your anatomy, and vibrating strap-ons offer extra sensation.

For non-penetrative fun, lay-on vibrators are an awesome addition for both partners to enjoy! Our top picks are the We-Vibe - Touch X and the Fun Factory - Laya II, which both have compact, contoured shapes to caress the intimate curves of your bodies. Both are waterproof for easy cleaning, (plus hot and steamy fun together in the shower) and magnetically rechargeable for fun that never has to stop!


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