The Rabbit Ears

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The Rabbit Ears

Ready to see things from a whole new perspective this Easter? This week's advanced sex position will require some flexibility and core strength from both of you, but if you're craving something novel, this is bound to satisfy your desire for erotic exploration!

How to perform the Rabbit Ears sex position

This position requires the penetrating partner to plant themselves with bent knees, so we recommend trying this position on a stable surface that won't move around under their feet like a mattress would, such as the floor. Put some pillows down for the receiver's comfort if necessary.

The receiving partner starts on their back and lifts their lower body straight up into the air, supporting their lower back and hips with their hands like in the Shoulder Stand or 'Candle' yoga position. The penetrating partner stands over them, facing forward, then bends their knees while spreading their legs as wide as possible for more stability. They then position the receiver's shins on their shoulders, spreading their outstretched legs like rabbit ears pointing straight up. The giver penetrates their lover from the top-down, placing their hands on the receiver's buttocks for extra stability. Got all that? Now you're ready to go at it like rabbits!

Why we love the Rabbit Ears sex position

The new angle of this position will definitely show you both totally different parts of your lover's body that you might not have had much of a chance to see before, and that extra rush of blood to the head for the receiver is a sure fire way to increase pleasure for them.

Since this position takes a bit of setup and will keep both partners' hands busy supporting the receiver's lower body, you're going to want a lubricant that keeps things flowing smoothly without you having to interrupt the heat of the moment. Sexyland has just welcomed the Uberlube Luxury Silicone-Based Lubricant to its ranks in-store and online, which has a minimalistic recipe that works as hard as you both will in this position! The long-lasting formula goes on thin, silky, and light, and stays incredibly smooth for ages before dissipating across your skin to leave it soft and moisturised.


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