The Crab Walk

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Remember all that crab-walking you did in sports class at school? Who knew that it might actually come in handy for something as an adult!Sexyland Position of the week The Crab WalkThis position is great for those cold winter nights (or days) because you get to loop your legs all over each other and keep your whole pelvic region very warm... 

How to perform the Crab Walk sex position

It's easiest to start while sitting up with your backs straight, then get into the crab walk position on your hands and feet with your pelvises tilted up slightly. 'Walk' over to each other, or let one person stay relatively still and hold the position while their lover comes to them. One person hooks their legs over the hips of their partner so you can keep each other nice and close, and you lean back on your arms for support while you grind, thrust, bounce, whatever you like!

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