The Chairman - A Perfect Postpartum Position

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Ready to jump back in the saddle after bringing a bundle of joy in the world?

Sex Position of the Week - The Chairman | Postpartum Positions

Once your healthcare professional has given you the all clear to start up bedroom fun again, you may be wondering what the best sex positions are for women who have recently gone through childbirth.

The Chairman is a seated rear-entry position that can be performed using beds, armless chairs, and in-shower benches (if you're lucky enough to have one of those). It is ideal if you've just given birth since you can control speed and depth, which is important to keep yourself comfortable after the stress your body has been through. Your body may have changed significantly, but it still has needs that deserve to be satisfied!

Have the penetrating partner sit on the edge of your chosen surface with both feet on the floor for stability. The receiving partner straddles their lap, facing away from them. The partner on top can spread their legs as wide as they like for stability and can go at their own pace, perfect for not putting too much strain on vaginas that are recovering from delivery or C-section stitches.

This position is suitable for heterosexual couples or lesbian couples with the aid of a strap-on. It is great for G-spot stimulation and leaves the receiving partner's hands free to stimulate themselves further, perhaps by rubbing their clitoris or caressing their breasts for ultimate pleasure...

If you delivered vaginally, your vaginal muscles are likely stretched out, but not to worry - this is temporary, and you can speed up your recovery with kegel toys and exercises that tone your pelvic floor. In addition, you may be feeling drier down there than usual, particularly if you’re breastfeeding since nursing suppresses estrogen, causing the vagina to become dry and constricted. Low estrogen levels can also thin out vaginal tissue which contributes to discomfort during postpartum sex, so grab a lubricant that mimics your body's natural lubrication to tide you over until your body's own production returns to normal.


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