The Broomstick Ride

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The Broomstick Ride

Give your bed (and your thighs) a break and switch things up this October with this week's featured sex position! If you've got a narrow (but strong) surface like a hallway runner table, a slender coffee table, or even just a bunch of footstools, put those knick-knacks somewhere safe and get ready to enjoy a magical ride...

How to perform The Broomstick Ride sex position

Start with the penetrating partner lying straight on their back on top of your slim and sturdy surface of choice, like a coffee table that's the right height. The receiving partner then places their feet on either side of the furniture and mounts their partner, facing either direction in a sort of elevated cowgirl or reverse-cowgirl. Experiment with pelvic tilting, leaning forward, bending back, and gyrating your hips like a lusty witch stirring up a cauldron full of love potion! Just like riding an actual broomstick, the person on top can grasp their lover's legs for support, or even their neck if you're both into breath play...

Why we love The Broomstick Ride sex position

Normal receiver-on-top positions in bed can put strain on the upper thighs and knees since the lower half of the leg is folded under the rest of the body. With both feet firmly planted on the ground though, the receiver can make use of their entire leg's strength when riding, which gives them more control, power, and leverage while also relieving those pesky thigh cramps!

To spice up this position from any angle and from any direction, why not play up the costume and roleplay elements of the spooky season with a collar and leash set? Sexyland's customers are loving this red and black brocade number by Scandal, which has a detachable, sturdy black chain that's sure to keep you two connected! Whether you're on the top or bottom, nothing will make you feel more powerful than clutching that lead in your hand and giving it a gratuitous tug every now and then, just to remind your lover who's in charge...


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