Standing Ovation

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Whether you like being in control or being controlled in the bedroom, Dom/Domme and sub dynamics are for everyone to enjoy!

Sex Position of the week - Standing Ovation

That's why we love the Standing Ovation sex position, which lets the Master/Mistress feel like royalty as their lover takes on a subservient role to please them...

How to perform the Standing Ovation oral sex position

This position isn't intricate or difficult to pull off, but it doesn't have to be complicated to be fun! The receiving partner simply stands up with their back against a wall while the giving partner gets down on their knees and performs oral on them. Simple enough, right?

How to make the Standing Ovation oral sex position more fun

If you want to spice it up while keeping it simple, add a fun oral sex enhancer like the BJ Blast Oral Sex Candy! Just sprinkle some of this sweet popping candy in your mouth before going to town on your partner and treating them to an ultra-stimulating session of oral they'll never forget...

For a deeper level of intimacy and sexy fun, turn up the domination factor and experiment with some BDSM accessories or toys! Dominants can use a collar and leash to keep their sub's eyes locked on them while they pleasure them, or instruct their obedient lover not to orgasm even while a vibrating toy buzzes away at their most sensitive spots. We love the Roomfun - Silicone Collar With Chain Leash and the Evolved - Big Shot Rechargeable Vibrating Squirting Dong for these situations! With one hand wrapped around the gold leash chain and another gripping the back of the giver's head, the Dominant is sure to enjoy watching their sub squirming in delight on their knees as the vibrating dildo brings them ever closer to the edge. They might even be rewarded with an explosive squirting finish inside them from two points once they've satisfied their lover...


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