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When it comes to masturbation, plenty of us might like putting on a sexy show for that special someone (or even a throng of online fans), but have you ever treated yourself to your own private performance?Sex position - Mirror Mirror - Pleasure for You

Even if you're not one for theatrics, there's no reason why you can't enjoy your body while seeing yourself enjoy your body!

This gender-neutral edition of Sex Position of the Week can teach anyone and everyone more about their body, because increasing self-awareness, self-appreciation, and self-love are for everybody. Pleasuring yourself in front of a mirror is not only a nice thing to do for yourself, it's also a great way to get to know what sort of stimulation you like best. By seeing the types of motions or actions that cause certain reactions, you become more aware of what your body responds to best, which can be a real bonus if a partner wants to ask for your guidance.

How to perform the Mirror Mirror position

This is probably the most open-ended masturbatory (or sex) position ever, because there are really no set rules. All you need to do is find a mirror (or multiples) to check yourself out in while you're feeling yourself! It can be a large one like the floor-to-ceiling kind you often find on sliding wardrobe doors in apartments, a tall standing mirror that you can move around your room to experiment with different angles, or a handheld one for maximum portability.

Once you're ready for the show to start, decide on what you want to see and figure out angles based on that. A close-up of a vulva could work best if you kneel on your bed with a small mirror beneath you whereas wanting an overview of your whole body while stroking a penis would make standing in front of a full-length mirror a top choice. You could also lean against a headboard or couch back with your legs splayed for a full-frontal reflection. Don't forget to play with your other erogenous zones like pinching your nipples, squeezing your inner thighs, and caressing your neck!

How to enjoy masturbating in front of a mirror

Observe how your body responds to sexual stimulation and it won't be long before you're even more turned on by the sight of yourself getting turned on! Take stock of how your genitalia creates a sensuous centre of arousal and really look at yourself. Watch how your skin flushes and feel your body temperature rise as your genitals increase their self-lubrication, becoming darker and more swollen as blood rushes to the area.

As the big O approaches, resist the urge to throw your head back with your eyes closed and you'll be treated to the hottest sight of your life. You'll develop a deeper understanding of what partners see when you come for them and why they enjoy seeing it so much, and it's a chance to check out your O-face! Staring into your own eyes while orgasming is also great practice for maintaining eye contact with a partner when you come with them. There's nothing more intimate than seeing someone's frenzied desire and the overwhelming sensation coursing through your body, all conveyed in a single look...

Masturbating in front of a mirror with toys

You're the star of the show here, so let your adult toys take a backseat to your sexy self with a more discreet design, like the Iroha+ Kushi Stimulator! This lusciously soft toy is ribbed for extra sensation, with an ergonomic bulbous teardrop shape that sits ergonomically in the palm of your hand. It offers precise stimulation with the pointy end and broader stimulation with its round end. It boasts 5 vibration speeds and 2 pulse patterns for versatile pleasure you won't be able to get enough of!


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