Hocus Focus

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Hocus Focus Sexyland Sex Position of the Week

If you're tired from decking the house with spooky decorations or doing the Monster Mash in your living room, this week's sex position has got you covered. The Hocus Focus lets one of you recline on your side and enjoy some penetration from behind while the other person gets to experience a whole new perspective of their partner's body!

How to perform the Hocus Focus sex position

Start with the receiving partner resting on their side near the edge of the bed, then have the penetrating partner stand and enter from behind. For extra stimulation, the receiving partner can keep their legs closed together for a stronger hold and a tighter squeeze!

Why we love the Hocus Focus sex position

If you've got a wall mirror handy, this position can you give you both quite the eyeful! While the receiving partner can seductively pose themselves, ready to be drawn like one of their lover's French girls, the penetrating partner can enjoy both the full-frontal view laid out on a bed linen platter and the top-down profile view. Plus, the unique layout of one partner lying on their side while one stands is sure to be a novel new addition to your sex position repertoire!

Since both partners will have at least one hand free, why not add a handheld stimulator for extra sensation? The Secret Affair Vibrator by Satisfyer is nice and compact, with a straight silicone shaft under the cap for precise stimulation to the clitoris or perineum, whatever you like!


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