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Ah, the butterfly. It’s a shape we always come back to time and time again, as this is one of those classic sex positions we love and trust to get us off!

The butterfly is an accessible sex position that can be performed by almost everyone and does not require too much of either partner. This shape provides great visuals for both partners, the potential for intimate eye contact, as well as deep penetration while also leaving space for clitoral or penile stimulation — what’s not to love? 😉

To get this shape started, make sure both partners are fully aroused and ready to dive in. The partner being penetrated lies on their back on a comfy surface like a bed, couch, or table, ideally at a height where both partners’ genitals align. You can get creative with other furniture pieces, such as an ottoman or sex pillow if you like!

The other person can then either kneel or stand against the edge (depending on what offers the best pelvic alignment), looking down at their partner’s body. The bottom partner’s hips and pelvis can be flat or slightly lifted for even deeper penetration. For added spice, if the top partner is able to, they can place their hands under the other person’s hips to lift them and provide support from beneath for that deep penetration!

Hot tip: try adding a pillow, cushion, or a soft bolster of some kind under the hips to help elevate the pelvis.

The receiving partner will have their legs up in a V-shape, resting them against their partner's chest. They can either bend their legs and hook the inside of the knee over their partner’s shoulders or extend their legs so their ankles are resting on the other person’s shoulders instead.

As there is a bit of space between your bodies in this shape, there are lots of fun ways you can add toys and spice up the stimulation for both partners. For a mutual vibration sensation, try a couples vibrator like the Sheila by Winyi! This C-shaped vibrator has a flat insertable arm that leaves room for the penetrating partner’s penis or strap-on while comfortably cupping the wearer’s body so everyone can enjoy the 9 amazing vibration patterns! It’s also app-compatible, so either of you can switch up the settings with just a tap of your phone…


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