A Pick Me Up

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A Pick Me Up

Sometimes all you need to make your week a little better is a pick-me-up, so here’s our “Pick Me Up” of the week, Sexyland-style! This week’s featured sex position is one that requires more effort and strength than usual because you’ll be fighting the forces of gravity, so if you’re not feeling up to the challenge but still want to experience the shape, then make sure you add some extra support. This could take the form of a bench, a tall stool, or a sturdy cabinet, anything one can safely lean or sit on.

To get into this position, the penetrating partner stands on their feet and ensures they feel sturdy and grounded. They pick up the receiving partner underneath their glutes, letting them wrap their legs around the other person’s hips while grabbing onto their shoulders. The standing partner can either hold this person up with their bare hands if they feel strong enough, pin them to a wall while holding them, or prop them up on the supportive furniture listed above as the stabiliser.

To make this position an effortless endeavour, we recommend a sex swing! The Sexyland Fun Specialists are particularly big fans of the Fantasy Door Sex Swing™ from the Fetish Fantasy Series® team thanks to its simple setup and quick disassembly. Just loop the rods at the end of each strap over a door, close the door, and your vertical pleasure playground is ready to go! To use it for the Pick Me Up sex position, we recommend loosening the straps so they’re long enough to touch the floor. From there, the receiving partner can step into the larger thigh cuffs and grip the smaller wrist cuffs while the standing partner adjusts the straps to the right height.


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