Weird & One-derful: Out-of-the-Box Toys For Solo Pleasure!

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Weird & One-derful: Out-of-the-Box Toys For Solo Pleasure!

When you think of adult toys, your mind might conjure up images of anatomically correct dildos, or mainstream devices like rabbit vibrators, but the adult pleasure industry caters to all interests, and Sexyland is here to deliver unique sex toys for unique sexual tastes! This week, we’re celebrating the diverse ways humans can explore sexual satisfaction and shining the spotlight on weird and wonderful fantasy-based sex toys, from alien and monster dildos that are out of this world to furry-friendly animal roleplay fantasy toys.

What does it mean to have a sexual fantasy?

First off, let’s begin by saying that it’s perfectly normal to have sexual fantasies to varying extremes, and the possibilities of what they can be about are nigh-endless. Reasons why we might have a sex fantasy include:

  • wanting to experience arousal
  • curiosity about different sexual experiences, situations, or sensations
  • fulfilling needs that aren’t being met in our real lives
  • exploring something that’s considered ‘taboo’
  • planning for future sexual encounters
  • temporarily escaping reality (especially if it travels down a sci-fi or high fantasy route — think Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and James Cameron's Avatar)
  • relaxing/reducing stress
  • building our sexual confidence in the privacy of our own minds
  • plain ol’ boredom

In short, sexual fantasies can reflect the personality of the person having them, but they’re also allowed to just be a fun romp into something you can’t experience in real life.

What’s the appeal of monster sex toys?

Interest in ‘monster porn’, AKA ‘erotic horror’ or ‘cryptozoological erotica’ has been on the rise for over a decade now, across people of all genders. Remember the vampire/werewolf craze of the 2000s? What if we told you that ‘tentacle porn’ has actually been around since the 1800s? Even though the fascination with tentacles in particular might seem like a semi-ironic internet-age novelty, it’s actually a fairly popular alternative source of sexual satisfaction (especially in Japan where the country’s strict obscenity laws will allow tentacles to be depicted in pornographic situations, but will censor all genitals). The first known instance of tentacle porn dates back to an erotic Japanese woodblock carving called The Dreams of the Fisherman’s Wife, created by Katsushika Hokusai (yep, even the guy who created the uber-famous woodblock print of The Great Wave off Kanagawa let his mind wander into the gutter on occasion — everybody does)!

Some people love the idea of experiencing unrealistic, fantastical sensations with unusual monster sex toys while others may feel uncomfortable with or alienated by dildos and vibrators that are overly accurate to human anatomy. Whatever the reason behind your desire to explore beyond mainstream adult toys, Sexyland has the sex toys to satisfy your wildest fantasies…

The Poseable Cat Tail Metal Butt Plug & Ears

This cat-themed duo is perfect for exploring furry roleplay thanks to the fluffy tail and cute pointed ears on a headband. The bendable skeleton inside the tail lets you pose it in any shape so you can convey how you feel as a kitty, or you can swap out the plug’s base with the included anchor base for play without the tail. The crystal gem on the anchor base means you’ll look just as cute with or without the tail swishing behind you!

The Master Series™ Hellbound Braided Devil Tail Anal Plug

This delightfully devilish butt plug is sure to bring out your inner sex demon, with a long, durable tail made from PU leather straps that are braided together and ending in a pointed red devil’s tail. The base near the plug is solid so you can even use it as a handle and whip your lover into submission if you’re feeling particularly vindictive… 😏

The Fantasy Coxplay Merman Dildo

Wanna find out if it really is better down where it’s wetter? This half-human, half-fish monster dildo is the perfect way to find out! It has a ridged phallic head for comfortable insertion while the contoured gill-like grooves add extra stimulation as this hunk from under the waves gets busy with you under the sheets. Alternatively, you can play with your merman in the shower or bath since, as a silicone dildo, this marvellous monster is waterproof!

The Bondara Coiled Tentacle Dildo

Come on. You didn’t really think we’d harp on about tentacle porn for ages and then not include a tentacle monster dildo, did you? 😜

This silicone fantasy sex toy is squishy and flexible enough to keep up with your body’s movements, yet offers a satisfying firmness to give you that full feeling you’re craving. The tapered tip is easy to insert and the wide knot-like base makes this monster dildo safe for anal or vaginal use. One adventurous reviewer on Sexyland’s online toy store loves the deep penetration this tentacle dildo delivers that’s great for G-spot, A-spot, or P-spot stimulation! The textured suckers give your inner walls a unique massage and also double as little pockets for lubricant so you can keep the fun flowing smoothly.

You don’t have to go off-planet to experience pleasure that’s out of this world. Sexyland has adult stores in plenty of locations, or you can shop our monster fantasy sex toys online and enjoy discreet delivery straight to your door!


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