Get To Know Yourself With Our Top Male Masturbator Tips For Ultimate Solo Pleasure!

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Get To Know Yourself With Our Top Male Masturbator Tips For Ultimate Solo Pleasure!

While it’s great that society is celebrating more women using sex toys, there is still an undeniable air of stigma when men and people with penises do the same thing. Our team are all about promoting healthy, shame-free self-love, no matter your gender — so this week, the Fun Specialists at Sexyland are focusing on male masturbation toys and their benefits for penis-havers who are looking to live their best lives behind closed doors!

What is a male masturbator?

Penis strokers, A.K.A. masturbators are some of the most popular sex toys for men and are designed for a user to insert their penis inside and then either thrust with their body or stroke up and down with a hand, just like during regular masturbation. Many of these men’s sex toys are tube-shaped to fully encompass the head and as much of your shaft as possible for 360° pleasure, but some can have an open-wing design that wraps around you or a shorter ring shape to leave your head exposed, perfect for having fun with other toys or a partner. There are male masturbators with textured interiors to offer more stimulation as you stroke, as well as those that vibrate, warm, and even some that offer contactless air pulse stimulation for all-new kinds of orgasms!

In terms of appearance, you’ll find that there’s a masturbator to suit everyone’s preferences, from realistic anus, vagina, and mouth masturbators to simulate a lifelike sex-perience to non-anatomical designs for those who want something more non-descript.

Is it good to use male masturbators?

Yes. We’d hardly be writing this article if it weren’t, now would we? 😉

Okay, okay, but real talk: yes, using masturbator toys is actually healthy for men, as well as feeling physically incredible. Just like in the case of male sex toy use, society seems similarly averse to having legitimate conversations about how men really feel about their bodies, so if it takes masturbation toys to get men to feel confident in their own skin and become more self-aware of their bodies, we’re here for it.

On the physical side of things, masturbators are also a great way for men to practise with new methods of stimulation and increase stamina via techniques like edging. This involves taking yourself to the brink of orgasm and then pulling yourself back over and over again to increase endurance and the intensity of the climax once you eventually let it take you over. Not only does this feel awesome, it also helps men last longer with partners as they increase their familiarity with how their body reacts when approaching orgasm! And speaking of orgasms, regularly ejaculating in general has several health benefits for men, including a decreased risk of prostate cancer, pain relief, and making it easier to get to sleep to name just a few. Even if just using your hand is enough to get you off, there’s nothing wrong with spicing up your routine and experiencing something new every now and then!

Where to buy male masturbators

Masturbators are available to buy at Sexyland, along with other adult sex toys for men. Here are some of our bestselling masturbators that Sexyland’s customers can’t get enough of, as well as some of our new additions that we’re sure will be fast favourites!

SVAKOM Hedy X Reusable Stroking Sleeves

These soft and supple white masturbator toys are a perfect choice for users who are new to men's sex toys and give you a lot of bang for your buck in more ways than you'd think. For one thing, they're reversible, meaning you can flip them inside out to enjoy two unique textures per stroker for double the variety, but perhaps best of all, these things are reusable. The medical-grade TPE material is body-safe and easy to rinse with warm water and toy cleaner after every use so you can go again, up to 10 times!

At the super-accessible price of under 20 bucks, it doesn't get much more beginner-friendly than that! Sexyland carries these masturbators in 3 different textures, Confidence, Control, and Reaction so you can experience different intensities and sensations.

The Fleshlight® Quickshot Vantage Open-Ended Masturbator

This compact ring-shaped masturbator leaves your head exposed and has a ribbed texture on the inside, giving you two different sensations depending on which end you enter from. The clear design lets you see yourself in action while you stroke the masturbator up and down your length, either on your own or with a partner tending to your needs at the other end…

The Pipedream Extreme® Fuck Me Silly 2™ Mega Masturbator

For the ultimate lifelike experience, it doesn’t get much more realistic than a full-size torso replica! This one has everything from the shoulders to the thigh sculpted from Pipedream’s super-soft and supple FantaFlesh® material that looks, feels, and moves just like real skin. The dual-entry vaginal and anal canals let you pick your perfect fantasy experience, or you can even use the large round breasts to take your pleasure to explosive new heights! This mega masturbator is available to buy at Sexyland in a beige skin tone or a darker ebony shade to suit your preferences.

The Maxtasy Vibration Master Masturbator

This rechargeable quad-motor vibrating masturbator comes equipped with a soft TPE sleeve that has been sculpted to resemble a realistic anus and sports a luscious texture inside that fully encompasses you for awesome sensations. Each of the 10 vibration modes has 10 intensity levels, giving you 100 ways to unleash your waves of pleasure as the strategically placed motors rumble all around you! You can even add the Maxtasy Hands-Free Strap-On Masturbator Harness to keep your hands-free for other things, like stimulating other parts of your body, holding your phone to enjoy your favourite adult entertainment, or satisfying a partner!


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