Sexyland Australia Black Friday Specials: Daily Deals & Sneak Peeks

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Sexyland Australia Black Friday Specials: Daily Deals & Sneak Peeks

With the year whizzing by so quickly, it’s almost hard to believe it’s finally here: the Sexyland Black Friday 2023 sale! Fire up your clicking fingers and get ready to make the ‘add to cart’ button your new best friend because this year, we’re pulling out all the stops. Sexyland’s Black Friday sales are running for almost the whole month, from the 1st to the 27th of November, both in-store and online, meaning you’ve got plenty of time to snag the best discounts Sexyland has ever offered for a Black Friday sale. We’ve got savings on sex toys, lingerie galore and more, no promo code required. If you’re doing all your shopping online, you can even have it all delivered to your door in just 2 hours, so you can enjoy yourself even while you’re still scoping out the best Black Friday bargains! Here are some of the adult goodies that we think are the best Black Friday Sexyland deals for 2023, and are absolutely worth going into a clicking frenzy over!

Up to 70% off selected sex toys

We’ve picked out some of Sexyland’s bestselling items and slashed the prices, because these babies didn’t sell themselves already! If you haven’t gotten any of these yet, consider these discounts your sign from the universe. Here are some of our most notable inclusions:

Women’s sex toys (toys for the clitoris, vagina & vulva)

20% off Sexyland’s own range of toys

After an extremely successful launch of the Pamper, Rose Ravish, Rumble, Excite, and Embrace, we’re discounting Sexyland’s brand-new collection of sex toys to get them into the hands of even more happy customers! These beauties are the stars of our upcoming Me Time campaign, but considering several items have already sold out multiple times, they might not need the publicity… 😋

Of course, we’ve restocked our Sexyland toy range in time for the Black Friday sales, but we’re not expecting our stocks to last out the month. You won’t want to miss out on these toys, especially at this price, so get in quick before they sell out again…

15%+ off the Satisfyer Pro range

You read that correctly, the WHOLE Satisfyer Pro lineup is getting discounted as part of Sexyland’s 2023 Black Friday sale. Keep it classic with the original Satisfyer Pro 2 that offers 11 modes of contactless clitoral suction, or take it up a notch with the Satisfyer Pro 2+ that has 10 vibration functions! If you’re in the mood to really treat yourself, the newest Gen 3 Satisfyer Pro 2 is perfect for teasing and pleasing yourself to the max with its sleek all-silicone body and that new Liquid Air Technology cap that feels like the hot tub jet of your dreams. The app-compatible Satisfyer Gen 3 Pro 2 comes down to under $100 with Sexyland’s Black Friday sales, so you can get maximum bang for your buck and maximum pleasure too!

10% off the VUSH Ella + Dom Twist Vibrator

This limited edition adult toy is the result of a thrilling celebrity collaboration between VUSH and Ella Ding and Domenica Calarco, the two best friends who met on Season 9 of Married At First Sight and now co-host Sit With Us, which was the #1 podcast of 2022.

This vibrator has a unique helix twist design for incredible internal stimulation as the spiralling ribs rub against your inner walls just right. The curved shaft helps to target your G-spot (or P-spot, because everyone can play with this vibe!) while the tapered tip gyrates in 4-twist settings. There are also 8 vibration modes in 5 intensity levels each for countless pleasure combos you can enjoy inside and out!

Men’s sex toys (toys for the penis, testicles & prostate)

20% off the Arcwave™ Ion Pleasure Air™ Stroker

Most masturbators fully encompass the user’s penis, but there’s a lot to be said about focusing on the frenulum like this masturbator does. This cutting-edge sex toy for men is the world's first male stroker with Pleasure Air Technology, the same innovation that changed the female pleasure game in 2014 when Womanizer™ first released it. Arcwave has re-engineered Pleasure Air technology for the male anatomy, generating more powerful stimulation with pulsating airwaves over the sensitive frenulum or ‘F-spot’, with new sensations you can’t replicate on your own or with a partner for an intense orgasms like nothing you've ever felt…

If you like Arcwave’s innovative approach to creating male sex toys that aren’t like the others, you’ll love that there’s 20% off the whole Arcwave range!

20% off the Tenga® Spinner Twisting Masturbator range 

Love the sensations of handjobs with a twist but can’t keep it up with your wrists? Now you don’t have to. These uniquely designed strokers have specially engineered texturised gel sleeves that coil and uncoil around your erection as you stroke, wrapping pure pleasure around you with every move! There are several different textures available with varying texture intensity, gel firmness, and diameter ratings, with 5 being the highest:

  • The Tenga Spinner Tetra texture ranks at Level 3 Stimulation, Level 3 Firmness, and Level 4.5 Diameter
  • The Tenga Spinner Hexa texture ranks at Level 4 Stimulation, Level 4 Firmness, and Level 3.5 Diameter
  • The Tenga Spinner Shell texture ranks at Level 4 Stimulation, Level 4.5 Firmness, and Level 3 Diameter
  • The Tenga Spinner Pixel texture ranks at Level 3 Stimulation, Level 4.5 Firmness, and Level 5 Diameter
  • The Tenga Spinner Beads texture ranks at Level 4.5 Stimulation, Level 3.5 Firmness, and Level 4 Diameter
  • The Tenga Spinner Brick texture ranks at Level 5 Stimulation, Level 3 Firmness, and Level 3 Diameter

If you’re a fan of Tenga’s simple yet effective engineering and products that just work with no fuss, check out the whole range — there’s 20% off all Tenga toys until the end of Sexyland’s Black Friday sales!

20% off the Lelo Loki Wave 2 Vibrating Come-Hither Prostate Massager

If you’ve never tried anything back there, a prostate massage is sure to have you changing your tune and wishing you’d done it sooner! This little ditty from LELO will treat you right from start to finish with its unique shape and functions. The tapered tip is comfortable to insert while the slightly bulbous shaft fills your inner walls. Once everything is in place, Lelo's signature WaveMotion™ technology surges to life in the main head, providing a deep and spectacular finger-like massage! The come-hither motion beckons prostate orgasms forth while the motor in the smaller external arm rocks with the waves to stimulate the perineum, giving you well-rounded stimulation around your rear for an all-encompassing sex-perience! 

Ready to shop ‘til you drop? Bag some Sexyland Black Friday bargains at one of our adult stores or jump on your nearest device and start shopping Sexyland’s discounts online!


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