Exploring Pleasure: The Best Toys for Solo Adventures

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As discussions about sexuality become increasingly open, inclusive, and normalised, there’s been a definite trend towards using toys for solo sexual pleasure and empowerment of individuals, and Sexyland is all for it. As Masturbation May comes to a close, we invite you to delve into the realm of self-discovery, self-expression, and unabashed pleasure with some of our favourite adult toys for solo adventures you’ll never forget!

The Joy of Solo Exploration: Empowering Yourself

What’s more empowering than discovering your own ability to please yourself? Sex toys provide individuals with the opportunity to explore their own bodies and find out what makes them feel good on their own terms, without worrying about judgement or needing to have a partner at all. This can boost body confidence and lead to a deeper understanding of one's own desires and needs, as well as add variety and excitement to sexual experiences to increase your pleasure! Solo sex toy use can also help you break out of routine, enhance masturbation, and feel new sensations that might just change your life…😉

What types of toys are best for self-exploration?

Toys for solo adventures as a woman/person with a vulva

  • Clitoral stimulators — clitoral stimulation is one of Sexyland’s fastest-growing categories since plenty of folks struggle to have vaginal orgasms via penetration alone. As the name suggests, these toys focus on the clitoris, with the most common stimulation types being vibration, contactless suction, and flickering in a high-speed licking motion for an oral-like effect. Our faves from these categories, respectively, are the  Screamin’ Demon™ by Screaming O® (available in the bestselling original version and the new 4T Treble Power version for those of you who like high-pitched buzzy vibes), the Sexyland Rose Vibrator (inspired by the viral TikTok-famous rose vibrator), and the Leto Mochi 7-Mode Clitoral Licker!
  • Bullet vibrators — petite but powerful, these little buzzing beauties are perfect for targeting precise areas and taking on the go with you since they’re so compact. If you’re just starting out with using sex toys on your own, the Winyi Carol is a great place to start thanks to the textured tip that adds a little extra something special to a super beginner-friendly experience.
  • Rabbit vibrators — these vibrators are some of the best toys for solo adventures if you are a woman or have a vulva since simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation can result in an incredible kind of climax known as the ‘blended orgasm’! One of Sexyland’s favourite rabbit vibrators is our very own Sexyland Rumble, which has a double-sided thumping pad that taps against the G-spot to deliver even more intense pleasure than a regular rabbit vibrator.

Toys for solo adventures as a man/person with a penis or prostate

  • Masturbation sleeves — most penis stroker toys fully encompass the whole head and shaft and are textured inside to offer more stimulation as you stroke them up and down yourself. Moving the sleeve up and down is closest to the natural motions of male masturbation, but twisting can also yield fantastic new sensations. The Tenga Spinner does all that twisting work for you, thanks to the coiled sleeve design that winds and unravels itself with every stroke!
  • Prostate massagers — there’s a reason they call the prostate the ‘male G-spot’. This walnut-sized gland is packed full of sensitive nerves that are sure to make your toes curl with intense delight when you tickle them just right! For maximum precision during P-spot play, Winyi’s Alex Prostate Stimulator has a rolling ball that focuses gentle internal stroking right where you crave it most.

Unisex & non-binary sex toys

  • Wand massagers — most wands are on the bulky side compared to the other sex toys on this list, and their size can make playing with a partner somewhat awkward if you want to use the wand on your genitals. As a solo sex toy though, you’ll definitely appreciate the benefits of maximum power over a larger area! The OG wand vibrator is, of course, the legendary Hitachi Magic Wand Plus (which plugs directly into a wall socket for non-stop power), or if you prefer a cordless version, the Rechargeable Hitachi Magic Wand can keep those ultra-strong vibes (and you) coming just as hard as its corded predecessor.
  • Dildos for solo play — penetration is something everyone can enjoy, whether you’re moving your dildo in and out of yourself by hand, picking suction-cupped toys for hands-free play, or just holding the dildo still for that feeling of fullness. If you really want to treat yourself, why not get a self-thrusting dildo like the Master Series™ Auto Pounder that does all the work for you? 😏
  • Anal toys — backdoor play may seem intimidating, but thanks to the sensitive nerve endings that everyone has down there, it can be oh-so-enjoyable when done right! Anal plugs like the ones found in the Colt® Silicone Anal Plugs Trainer Kit are designed to give a pleasantly full feeling while letting you progress between the sizes at a pace you’re comfortable with. Anal beads like the Booty Call® X-10 Beads offer a ‘rippling’ sensation as each ball slips in or out of your rectum, stimulating the anal entrance as they go.

Ready to find the toys that will take your solo adventures to new heights? Visit your nearest Sexyland adult store in-person and chat with our friendly Fun Specialists about the best toys for solo sexy fun, or shop our online range and get 2hr Delivery on bestselling sex toys, because good things come to those who don’t wait too…🤭


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