Prefer To Play Doctor Than Visit Them? Discover The Many Health Benefits of Sex Toys For Women!

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Prefer To Play Doctor Than Visit Them? Discover The Many Health Benefits of Sex Toys For Women!

With Women’s Health Week 2022 fast approaching, it’s no surprise that Sexyland’s female sex toys category is blowing up! Our most popular sex toys for her include internal and external toys to suit everybody’s preferences, and in addition to filling your life with fabulous orgasms, did you know that they can be good for you too? As if sexual pleasure and toys could get any better, right? 🥳

Why sex is good for your physical health

On top of already being fun, being a sexually active woman has a whole host of physical benefits for your body, including:

  • incorporating cardio & burning calories
  • lower blood pressure & better heart health
  • beauty benefits
  • better bladder control + a stronger pelvic floor in women
  • relief from menstrual cramps & pain
  • improved immune system
  • headache relief
  • better sleep
  • reduced risk of vaginal atrophy (thinning of vaginal walls), especially after experiencing menopause

How does sex affect mental health?

Sexual activity can provide important psychological and emotional benefits, resulting in better wellbeing overall. Similar to exercise, sex and masturbation can help reduce stress and anxiety while increasing happiness and also contribute to:

  • boosted confidence, particularly in areas of expressing sexuality & sexual identity
  • better understanding of your own body & how to make yourself feel good
  • improved ability to perceive, identify & express emotions — of others and your own
  • better self-esteem & perceptions of body image
  • stronger relationships by increasing trust, intimacy & love
  • minimising depression & anxiety symptoms
  • improved memory skills, especially in elderly folks
  • increased perception of your overall mental wellbeing
  • stress relief due to the release of feel-good chemicals like oxytocin & dopamine

It’s worth remembering that even though a good portion of the studies that describe the health benefits of sex might focus on sex with a partner, the benefits largely come as a result of achieving orgasm, which is totally doable on your own if you’re flying solo. You can get creative with your body, positions, and sex toys to put in the same amount of work and get all the pleasure and health perks as you would with someone else — the only limit is your imagination…

Are sex toys good for health?

Like any other bodily toy or tool, as long as you use them responsibly, sex toys can be great for your health for reasons that have to do with more than just orgasms. In addition to the benefits listed above, sex toys in particular have some extra advantages going for them:

  • Dilators & slim vibrators can help to gently stretch vaginal tissue & improve conditions such as vaginismus
  • You are in total control of the toy’s shape, size & power so your experience is always pleasurable, not painful
  • There is no risk of pregnancy or STI transmission when it’s just you and your toys (we recommend using condoms if sharing toys with multiple people)
  • Sex toys can help you overcome decreased libido caused by hormonal changes or medication

Best female sex toys to celebrate Women’s Health Week 2022

The Dillio® 6” Please-Her Dildo

Remember when we said you could get creative with sex toy positions to get the same perks that sex gives you? Toys with suction cup bases are especially good for this, like this dildo from the Dillio team! It’s easy to mount to any flat, firm surface so you can ride it in all your favourite positions, and the bulbous head is just what your G-spot needs for amazing internal stimulation. The firm and flexible shaft moves with your body to keep you or your partner comfortable. Since this dildo is also compatible with strap-on harnesses, it’s a great adult toy for couples!

The Nalone Yany Metal Ball Kegel Exerciser

Who said sexercise couldn’t be fun? Working out your kegel muscles by repeatedly contracting and relaxing them helps to increase sexual satisfaction, sensual stimulation, and pelvic floor strength. These luxury aluminium Ben Wa balls are great for strengthening toning, and tightening your pelvic floor muscles in style! They’ll give you pleasurable stimulation while also resulting in a host of health benefits if used regularly, including reduced risk of urinary incontinence, a faster return to a toned pelvic floor post-childbirth, and orgasms that are stronger and more frequent! These 4 kegel balls consist of varying weights, plus a single- and double-harness so you can customise the intensity of your pelvic workout at your own pace.

The Winyi Klaus Wand Massager

Sex toys don’t just make your genitals feel good! You can use a wand vibrator like this sleek black and gold number anywhere on your body that needs a little extra lovin’, or your partner’s. The waterproof silicone lets you enjoy the 20 toe-curling vibration modes in 5 intensities each, whether you’re in bed or in the bath. With so many options to choose from, you’ll love that the memory mode remembers your favourite setting for you so you don’t have to cycle through them all to find it again. Best of all, the cordless design makes it easy to navigate anywhere and everywhere on your body!

The She-Ology 5-Piece Wearable Vaginal Dilator Set

This waterproof silicone 5-piece kit revives and strengthens vaginal muscles while also restoring elasticity to reduce discomfort during penetrative sex or foreplay. Each dilator gradually increases in size so you can increase the width, depth, and elasticity of your vagina at your own pace while the flexible flanged base is comfortable to wear and moves with you for all-day wear. The ergonomically curved and tapered shape is easy to insert, and the hollow design lets you place a vibrating bullet inside to increase your pleasure while dilating!


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