‘Blow’ Their Mind With These Toys!

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‘Blow’ Their Mind With These Toys!

Oral sex is a great way to spoil your partner and make them feel special since it’s usually a selfless act, though being the giver can be just as much fun! While a good BJ is already an exciting occurrence, there are plenty of ways to make it even better, for both the receiver and the giver. Things like sex toys and flavoured lubricants are great ways to spice things up and elevate your pleasure to a whole new level!

How to give a good blowjob

On that note, spicing things up is great, but it’s a good idea to get the basics down before taking things up a notch. Here are some hot tips on how to give good head, courtesy of Sexyland’s Fun Specialists!

  • Get wet and wild — don’t be afraid to add lots of saliva to keep the fun flowing smoothly, or keep a bottle of flavoured lubricant nearby to enhance your fellatio feast.
  • Engage the right parts of your mouth — keep your teeth out of the way (unless your partner has expressed that they like it on the toothy side) and let your tongue roam free! It’s muscular yet supple, perfect for swirling around intimate areas and flicking back and forth over sensitive parts, like the frenulum.
  • Listen to your partner — even if they don’t say anything with words, pay attention to what you’re doing whenever their body language becomes more intense (moaning, clenching fists, shaky legs, etc.). There’s a good chance they like that particular technique of yours!
  • Make eye contact — you don’t need to get into a staring contest with your partner, but you can occasionally flick your gaze up to meet theirs, give them your best ‘smize’ and bat your lashes. We think you’ll find your partner will already be looking at you… 👀
  • Don’t forget about the balls — you can cup their balls with your hand and gently roll them together in a massaging motion, or switch your mouth to the testicles while using your hand to stroke their shaft and head.
  • Show enthusiasm — there’s nothing hotter than knowing your partner is genuinely enjoying making you feel good, and that they want to perform this intimate act for you. In fact, some people even think that oral sex is more intimate than penetrative sex, so they’ll really get a kick out of you enjoying yourself!
  • Turn the BJ into a hummer — a hummer is an oral sex technique where the giver hums while going down on their partner, which creates a vibration-like effect for more intense pleasure. The deeper in your throat they are, the better this feels!

Adult toys that make it easier to give a good blowjob

Ready to add extra equipment to the mix? Here are some of Sexyland’s favourite blowjob-enhancing toys!


The Poison Rose Silicone Blowjob Lips

If you’re having trouble keeping your teeth out of the way or your partner is particularly girthy, this uniquely shaped gag is the perfect tool. The interior part fits behind your teeth to keep them shielded from making contact with your partner while the BJ is happening. The rest of the design leaves your tongue free to bathe your playmate in your affection and also keeps your mouth wide open for you so there’s one less thing to think about. We recommend adding some flavoured lubricant to ensure a smooth glide — this crème brûlée-flavoured lubricant is sure to turn oral into an even more delectable delight than usual!


The Blow N' Vibe 5X Oral Vibrator

This unisex vibrator cups the corner of your mouth with its curved design for a comfortable fit and adds 5 vibration modes to oral play. It delivers that 'humming' sensation we discussed earlier in our tip about hummer BJs and adds a thrilling new layer of stimulation that your partner will love!

Realistic blowjob sex toys

Want an oral sex-perience without a partner? These lifelike mouth masturbator sex toys are sure to get the (blow)job done!


The Skintastic Hum Job Mouth Stroker & Vibrating Bullet

Remember when we said to try humming while going down on your partner? This toy captures that sensation in a lifelike oral sleeve, with sculpted facial details like a nose, lips, outstretched tongue, and even teeth for extra realism. (Don’t worry, the teeth are soft.) The tight textured tunnel stimulates you with every stroke while the vibrating bullet in the ‘throat’ gives you hot humming to keep you coming…back for more that is!


The Autoblow A.I.+ WiFi-Enabled Blowjob Machine

Y’know that meme where people feed an artificial intelligence hundreds of hours of specific content and then the AI generates its own take on it? The team at Autoblow® did that, but with a thousand hours of blowjob videos. The world of sex toy tech is truly a marvel, isn’t it? 😜


The Autoblow AI is the ultimate automatic blowjob machine thanks to its incredible array of techniques that give you unbelievable head every time. It has 10 built-in stroking patterns in 10 speeds each that feel just like the real deal, with a realistically sculpted mouth at the sleeve entrance and a thrilling texture inside. You can even connect it to WiFi to download more BJ experiences or let someone else take over the toy remotely. For users who like being in total control, there's also a freestyle mode for customised stroking area and speed!


If this article has your mouth watering for some oral fun, come check out our blowjob sex toys (including mouth masturbators) at your nearest Sexyland store or shop online and browse our range of tasty treats!


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