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Get your mates together for a night of fun playing the Really Cheeky Adult Board Game! Similar to to Monopoly but instead, you'll be mixing business with pleasure as you build your own global sex empire.

Enjoy hours of hysterical adult fun for all with the Really Cheeky Adult Board Game. Fantastic new adult game play, exciting titillating forfeits plus cute themed playing pieces including Cock, Beaver, Puppies, Pawn, Stallion, Rabbit, Snake and Pussy.

Build up your adult empire by throwing the dice and moving around the board. Use your business acumen to decide which are the best businesses to buy including the raunchy Peppermint Hippo, The Full Mountie, King Dong, Dollywood and Martin Scores-easy! Buy up as many as you can afford, wait for your friends to land on them and see what happens! Just be careful not to grow too quickly or you could end up "losing your shirt" and a lot more besides!

The exciting Really Cheeky Adult Group Board Game is great for 2 - 8 players involving fun, friends, laughter, naughtiness and a seriously good time!

Mixing Business with Pleasure
Although the game follows a classic board game format, the content gives a salacious twist to moving around the board. If you thought board games were boring, think again. This sexy board game lets you create your own limits and forfeits to make play as daring as you desire.

RISKY OR FRISKY: Beware the 'Risky' or 'Frisky' cards which can help or hinder your progress by relieving you of your money, clothes and inhibitions or tempt you with more riches by performing sexy challenges.

QUESTION CARDS: Get clued up! These questions will tease and test player’s naughty knowledge. Get the questions right and you will reap in the rewards by handing out forfeits to your fellow players. Get them wrong and it’s you who will be telling all or performing outrageously funny challenges.

Really Cheeky Board Game includes:

  • 2 Dice
  • Game Rules Sheet
  • Game Board
  • 8 Themed Playing Cards
  • 100 Frisky or Risky Cards
  • 100 Question Cards
  • 28 Ownership Cards
  • ABG Bank Notes
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