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Supersex for Life sees the return of renowned sexpert Tracey Cox, who this time focuses her proven skills on keeping the lust alive in long-term relationships. In her own inimitable style, which is both refreshingly honest and eminently practical.

Tracey explores the reasons why passion fades with each passing anniversary. She confronts the issue head on, looking at the real reasons stopping people from having great sex long-term, giving readers fresh insights into their own sex lives.

Avoiding the overly-theoretical approach of other books, Tracey offers an abundance of sexy solutions, mixed with a good deal of humour, that offer a fresh take on an age-old problem. She shows you how to communicate better with your partner, the first step to scintillating sex, and looks at a range of hot sexual positions that are guaranteed to excite you both. Offering lots of ideas for spicing up your sex life, from raunchy role plays to steamy fantasies, Tracey shows how you and your partner can have the best sex of your lives and enjoy a new and invigorating intimacy.

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