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Are you worried about throwing a memorable Hen Party? Stop Worrying! MadWish Hen Party edition is the ultimate party game that guarantees a night that you and your friends will remember for the rest of your lives.

Whether you're staying in or heading to the club, open the box, throw the die and get the party started!

Double or Trouble?

The hilarious assignments will surprise you again and again. Throw Battle, then the duel can begin, two groups will compete to win and stay out of trouble. If you refuse an assignment there is always an escape, simply hand in a joker or buy yourself out by taking a shot.

To complete your party game box includes party balloons and a beautiful "Bride to be" sash.

Game contents:

  • Die
  • Rules book
  • 75 Dare cards
  • 75 Truth cards
  • 50 Go cards
  • 50 Battle cards
  • 15 Balloons
  • 50 Jokers
  • Shotglass
  • Blister
  • Bride sash 


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