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Who said beauty comes with age? Wrinkles, loose lips and great head without teeth is more like it. Make your granny shagging fantasy a reality with the G.I.L.F. Sex Doll. This goo-gobblin' granny has been waiting a long time for you and she's giving you 3 different ways to please yourself - orally, vaginally or anally!

Experience and wisdom is what you want. Let this experienced, well equipped, Grandma doll, please you in ways never dreamt of. Let the G.I.L.F. Sex Doll mouth please you orally, let her ass excite you and let her mouth make you tingle. This love doll will having your climaxing over and over again. Enjoy!

Take some of the strain off her false hip and bad back and bend this old granny over. Fill all three of her holes and give the golden oldie the pounding she's craved all these years. You've never known a granny's love quite like the G.I.L.F. Sex Doll gives it!

Just make sure you're not too rough on the horny old bird! She might not be able to get back up off her knees afterwards!

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