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The Choose Your Fetish Adult Card Game is a must have for adventurous couples looking to spice their sex life up with a bit of kinky fun! With over 100 activities to explore, you'll enjoy playing this adult card game night after night!

Choose Your Fetish Adult Card Game is perfect for beginners or people who are looking for some light bondage experience. It's the perfect game for couples who are shy but curious to try something new and different.

Choose Your Fetish Adult Card Game includes: 

  • 1 game die
  • 52 activity cards (26 for her & 26 for him) with 2 activities on each card
  • 104 total activities to choose from.
  • Each a Pleasure Hunt Capsules contain a total of 60 unique & exciting activities.

How to Play:
Split the cards into HIS & HER decks with the activities face down. Players take turns rolling the die. If the die comes up HER, she draws a card from the HER deck and may choose ONE of the two activities (and visa-versa for him). One roll per player, per turn.

Dress appropriately for an evening of erotic sexual adventure. Some card activities incorporate restraints, blindfolds and other kinky playthings so plan accordingly and have your accessories within arm's reach so you don't miss a moment of kinky fun!


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