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Rock and Roll...All Night Long! In this Bedroom Rockstar Foreplay Board Game, lover's race each other down the "his" and "hers" guitar necks while performing foreplay activities on each other.

The Bedroom Rockstar Foreplay Board Game will help keep your bedroom rocking and gives you plenty of sexy ideas to get your lover revved up for an evening of hot, steamy sex. Perfect for newlywed couples and long-term relationships alike! The bedroom will heat up so quickly, you may never even make it to the finish line!

The guitar neck is divided into 4 sections, each with a corresponding card deck consisting of 30 unique activities. As players make their way through the sections, they must draw from and perform the activities listed on the cards.

The first player to reach the guitar's headstock is the winner and then he or she may draw a Rockstar card and act out the encore sexual activity.

Bedroom Rockstar Foreplay Board Game Contents include:

  • 120 activity cards
  • 2 guitar pick game tokens
  • Game board with spinner.
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