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Bring the fun back into your sex life with this sexually charged adult card game! The All Night Love Affair Adult Game is the perfect way to bring passion back into the bedroom and spice up your foreplay! Discover new and creative ways to explore each other when making love and have a little fun in the process! Be prepared to touch, tease, kiss, fondle and... well, we'll leave the rest to your imagination!

All Night Love Affair Adult Game is an adult card game for couples that will allow you and your partner to take turns rolling the die and explore each other in sensually arousing ways. There's a good chance you won't get to find out who the winner is because you'll be too engrossed in playing with each other to care!

Players take turns rolling the die and following the instructions on the game cards. After a player has rolled at least 5 times he or she is now able to draw a Love Affair card if rolled. The first person to roll a Love Affair card wins the game and gets to act out the instructions on the card. In the end, both players win!

All Night Love Affair Adult Game contains:

  • One game die
  • 96 game cards
  • 32 cards for each of the three card categories.

Sample Cards:

  • Make love in a position of her choice but he must bring her to orgasm with his mouth and tongue.
  • Caress your lover's back with your fingernails.
  • Lick your lover where ever you desire.
  • Have your lover blindfold you and make love to you.
  • Incorporate a sex toy into your lovemaking.
  • Tie your lover up, blindfold them if you wish, and make love to them.

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