Care for Your Sex Toys

Always use rubber compatible lubricant with your sextoy. Oil and Vaseline ARE NOT COMPATIBLE and can cause damage to latex based materials including condoms. Water or Silicone based lubes are recommended for maximum pleasure.

Wash your sex toy before and after use with warm soapy water and anti-bacterial toy cleaner or wipes. Ensure your toy is absolutely clean to avoid any risk of infection. Do not let any water into the battery compartment of your toy.

Never use your toys from anus to vagina or anus to penis because of the risk of infection.

Never use your toys on areas which are swollen, cut or inflamed.

Never use a sex toy not designed for the purpose.

Never use any toy that is NOT waterproof in the shower or bath. Always make sure your waterproof toy is TIGHTLY closed before immersing in liquid. Do not allow water into the battery compartment of ANY toy.

Top Tip: Heavy duty, Alkaline and some rechargeable battery types are NOT SUITABLE for pleasure toys. These batteries are TOO STRONG for vibrating toys and have a tendency to prematurely burn out the motor. To ensure maximum lifespan of your toy, we recommend the use of General Purpose batteries.

Remove batteries when your sextoys are not in use.

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