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This Malesation Premium Anal Set Sex Toy Collection is the ideal way to discover and explore the joys of anal sex. The set includes all the anal toys you need: a douche, a butt plug, a prostate massager, anal beads and three stretchy penis-rings. It’s the perfect set for varied and orgasm-filled anal play!

This Malesation Anal Set sex toy set has everything you need to stimulate your anus and most intimate erogenous zones in the most pleasurable way possible. The sex toys in this pack are made from especially soft Silicone.

The douche is exceptionally compact and easy to handle, and the cleansing tube is thin and has a rounded tip for ease of insertion. The anal plug has a rounded, tapered tip and a flared base to prevent it from being inserted too deeply into the anus. With three beads of different diameters, the anal beads provide gradual stimulation for incredible sensations. This string of soft and supple beads has a safety loop, making it easy to remove.

The set includes a prostate stimulator that is firm yet flexible. It is shaped ergonomically for perfect prostate stimulation. One end sits outside your body against your perineum, which is stimulated each time your anal muscles contract. The handle has a loop for ease of use and removal.

Finally, the kit also includes three stretchy cockrings of different diameters, allowing you to maintain firm and long-lasting erections during sexy play.

This Malesation Premium sex toy pack comes with a satin-finish storage sleeve, so you can discreetly hide your anal toys away from prying eyes.

  • Soft Silicone
  • TPR/ABS and PVC materials
  • Douche for intimate cleansing
  • Anal beads for gradual sphincter stimulation
  • Anal plug for optimum anal dilation
  • Prostate stimulator for intense prostate massage
  • Stretchy penis-rings
  • Waterproof and easy to clean


  • Douche - 14.8cm length, 5.5cm insertable length, 5.5cm width
  • Anal beads - 13.5cm length, 9cm insertable length, 1.6 to 2cm width
  • Anal plug - 13.5cm length, 12.5cm insertable length, 4cm plug width
  • Prostate stimulator - 13.3cm length, 9.5cm insertable length, 2.7cm tip width
  • Black pearl rings - 2cm, 2.5cm and 3cm width

Tip: Always use anal water based lubricant for best results


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