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 The Life Like Sex Doll

Welcome to a whole new world of doll - The Life Like Sex Doll! These sultry sex dolls are made from superior materials to feel just like real skin, with a titanium alloy skeleton for easy manoeuvrability and positioning. The Life Like Sex Doll comes complete with vagina, anal and mouth entry. She weighs between 22 and 49kg depending on size, and can be customised with your choice of eye colour, wig style, skin tone, height - ranging from 135 to 168cm and breast size. Alternatively, you can take home one of our stocked Life Like Sex Dolls today!

Sex dolls are becoming more and more popular, especially with the advanced realistic features that are now available. With the availability of so many styles, there is a gorgeous sex doll perfect for everyone and no taste or preference should be denied. Customise your Life Like Sex Doll to be the dream girl you've always wanted!

Men who have a high sex drive often find sex dolls are the perfect way to satisfy their sexual desires when their partner isn't in the mood. They're also perfect for the single man who wants a quick fling without any attachments. And even better, a sex doll will never object so you can all the fun you want and be as kinky or vanilla as you like. Your sex doll is always ready for a kinky night of fun. Best of all, it's 100% safe sex. Browse through our selection of quality sex dolls and find the companion that you want to experience your naughtiest fantasies with! And if you're still not sure, visit one of our conveniently located adult shops and see our sexy sex dolls in person.


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