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Dildos & Dongs, most loved Sex Toys

Dildos & Dongs are among some of the more popular sex toys on the market and with good reason. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and other features, designed to meet different sexual preferences. Many do not vibrate while some do and come in many different colours, textures, materials and other decorative effects designed for your sexual gratification.

Dildos & Dongs are similar yet different and a lot of people often get them confused but there are some very important differences to help you choose the right one for you.

Dildos are usually fairly realistic looking with a base, usually either flared or with testicles whereas a dong typically does not. Dildos are a good choice for anal sex because of their protective base. Dildos designed with flared bases are usually most compatible with harnesses and also useful for hands-free fun.

Dongs are usually less realistic and more probe-like. They are an excellent choice for masturbation or to use on your partner but not such a great choice for anal sex as they don't always have a protective base to prevent slips. They can be single ended or double ended for double penetration. Dongs that do have a base can also be used for anal sex and strap-on harnesses. 

Typically, you will want to choose a dildo or dong that is smooth and seamless with the flared base for anal penetration and never use a toy that has been in your anus without boiling it between uses or using condoms. Similarly, if you're sharing the toy with another person, you may also want to consider using condoms. This can also be helpful if you're prone to having an allergic reaction to a particular type of material. 

Whatever your desire, we have the perfect dildo or dong for you.



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