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Sexy Fantasy & Role Play Costumes

Slip into something sexy and daring for that special evening of fun! Our line of Fantasy & Role Play Costumes will stun and impress! Whether you're going to an adults only costume party or staying in for a night of hot, sexy role play, we've got you covered! 

Finding the perfect costume for your next costume party can be challenging. Many people opt for the sexy look and that's what we specialise in! We carry some of the hottest costumes and outfits in Australia. You're sure to be the centre of attention.

Let's assume you're not looking for a sexy costume for your next costume party and really looking for something to spice up your sex life. What do you choose with so many options available? First, work out what your deepest sexual fantasies are. Do you get hot and bothered when you see a woman dressed for business? Do your insides melt when you see a tradie heading off to work? Or maybe the firefighter apparel does it for you? How about the hot, flirty school girl uniform? Maybe you love the idea of playing doctor while your partner takes control and tends to your every need? Actually, why does it have to be just one fantasy? Start with all of your hottest sensual fantasies and then shop for the perfect adult costumes to make those fantasies come true!

Some key points to remember when role-playing are to first, share your ideas with your partner. Communication is key. Make sure he or she is on board and ready to explore and be ready to share in his or her fantasies as well! Next, establish some limits by making sure you and your partner are both aware of what is or isn't acceptable. For example, if you're into bondage, how rough, how realistic, etc... Are either of you keen to try anal sex and if so, what is it limited to? Those are the kinds of things you both need to consider. Then decide on the scene. Are you going to roleplay in the bedroom, at home, in the kitchen or maybe try something more daring like out in public? Do you need to transform your setting into an environment to look the part? Consider some props and other accessories to get into the mood. Are either of you interested in adding some sex toys into the sex play? Perhaps a set of handcuffs or a vibrator designed for couples? And last but not least, ENJOY!

Whether you're looking to get down and dirty in a sexy made costume or hot and steamy in a fireman's suit, we've got you covered.... until you're ready to uncover of course! We carry the hottest adult costumes in Melbourne. Check us out!

We offer fast and discrete delivery. Huge range of costumes from XS - XXXL. Earn loyalty dollars. Competitive pricing.



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