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Kegal Balls, aka Ben-Wa Balls

Kegel Balls, also called Ben-Wa Balls have been used for centuries to exercise and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and improve orgasmic pleasure. They are small, weighted balls that help strengthen a woman's pelvic floor muscles. When present in the vagina, they increase the sensations and create an intense sexual arousal that many couples crave.

It's important to choose kegal balls that are best suited to your internal size as kegal balls usually come in different sizes as well as weights. Women with weak pelvic floor muscles will probably want to start with a lighter weight and work their way up to a heavier weight as they strengthen their pelvic muscles. 

Kegal balls are usually connected although not always and should be slowly inserted, one by one, leaving the removal strip hanging just outside of the vagina. She then holds them in place throughout the day by tightening her pelvic floor muscles. Many women find the sensation of having these kegal balls inside of them to be sexually stimulating and often, the feeling intensifies with movement. This can make sexual interludes later that evening intensely orgasmic.

If using kegal balls specifically for sexual pleasure, many women find that moving the balls in and out of their vagina to be very arousing. She can add to the sensation by using another sex toy to stimulate other erogenous zones while squeezing the kegal balls inside of her. This is where having a partner in on the fun can make things even more exciting. For women who feel even more adventurous, anal penetration can further intensify the sensations, driving her into a frenzy of orgasmic bliss.

Whichever your pleasure, these kegal sex toys are guaranteed to help you reach your orgasmic pinnacle.



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