Review: Fun Factory Stronic Eins

The Stronic Eins is the first in Fun Factory’s new line of “pulsator” toys. Instead of vibrating, metal balls move around inside the toy causing a rhythmic thrusting motion. It’s an average sized toy with a diameter of 1.6 inches (4.2cm) and insertable length of 6 inches (15.2cm). It’s completely waterproof due to the magnetic charging mechanism. The silicone is very matte so don’t skimp on the lube. You can see the toy in action in this advertisement.

Admittedly, it has been a long time since I’ve tried any sort of vibrating dildo. I owned two yucky jelly numbers back in the day, neither of which did much for me. The first, a realistic dildo, was so weak that I didn’t bother using it as a vibrator most of the time. The other was a rabbit which did some pretty extreme rotating. I found it too annoying and distracting; I just liked it for the clitoral stimulator. I actually like the Stonic Eins. The sensation of the balls moving around inside the toy reminds me of vaginal balls, which was a pleasant surprise. I’m always jumping around crazily whenever I wear them…

It took me some time to adjust to not having to thrust manually. I find that I get the best sensation if I angle the toy so the curve hits my anterior fornix (an erogenous zone located deep in the vagina near the cervix) and then simply hold it in place. A little twisting and nudging perhaps, but that’s all I really need to do. As such, it is perfect for  lazy masturbators like myself. The metal balls are located towards the base of the toy and provide some awesome g-spot stimulation.

The curve isn’t overly pronounced, but I don’t need a curve to be satisfied with a dildo, and find straight dildos more versatile. If don’t find non-curved insertables enjoyable, you’ll want to wait to see whether the next two pulsator toys have a design more suited to you.

I imagine that the Stronic Eins would work well in some sort of rope bondage harness that keeps in a place. Maybe we’ll start seeing that in porn? It basically is a compact fucking machine.

The Stronic Eins is said to mimic PIV sex. I find that sex has much more range of sensation. Additionally, the shaft is so rigid that it doesn’t really feel anything like a penis. This isn’t really a bad thing, as for me (and many others, I imagine), sex is about much more than the physical sensations. Sex with Bride is better than any toy (as good sex should be), but as far as toys go this is one of the better ones. You have to hold it in place or it falls out, but that’s all – you can just lay there while it works its awesomeness. I love it.

I don’t mind that this supposed “dual stimulator” goes nowhere near my clitoris. It gives me room to stimulate myself manually or with a clitoral vibrator. The little ridge does provide some nice labial stimulation (particularly if the toy is placed sideways), so I don’t consider it totally pointless.

The Stronic Eins has 10 patterns. As you can see in the linked image, pressing the start button starts it on the 4th setting. I don’t typically use the first three settings, so this doesn’t bother me, but having to press the minus button three times to get to the lowest setting may annoy some. I tend to use the Rumble pattern most of the time. Quicky feels less like thrusting and more like vibrations because of how fast the toy is moving. I like it when I’m less aroused, but typically switch to Rumble to come. Roller Ball, Vienna Waltz and Rumba are nice for a build up after I have had at least one orgasm.

Stronic Eins IS a powerful toy. My pubic mound, thighs and hand shake quite visibly while using the higher settings. The lower settings provide a much slower and subtle kind of stimulation, giving the Stronic Eins an excellent range of strength. You can lock this toy for travel, which is a must-have feature in my opinion.

The battery seems to last forever. I used Stronic Eins for 5 sessions of about half an hour each before the battery died. Charging takes quite a while (somewhere between 7-12 hours, I was asleep so I’m not entirely sure) but not having to charge as often makes it worth it. I will update this review with a more accurate charging time later.

Negatives? Well, while not overly loud, it does sound like a distant helicopter. It also provides no clitoral stimulation (using it as a clitoral toy does nothing), but that’s what clitoral vibrators and your fingers are for. It’s not the best for extremely long sessions because it is heavy and it really makes your hands shake. I found the manual quite confusing to begin with (remember, pressing the start button starts you on the 4th pattern!). It contains a cartoon butt with a cross symbol over it, signifying that that the toy is not anal safe. Rather amusing but not always clear.

It’s a bit expensive (and therefore not really the best option for beginners), but the Stronic Eins provides a very unique and highly enjoyable sensation. You aren’t paying for the label as much as you are paying for safe, quality materials and excellent design. If you like thrusting, seriously consider it.

I’m not going to abandon dildos any time soon, but I am pleased to have finally found something with moving parts to be enjoyable internally.

Thanks to Australian retailer Sexyland for sending me this toy to review! If you buy the Stronic Eins from them, you will receive a Click 'n' Charge cord for free.